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Experiences are a unique set of tour packages designed by bwd to create the ideal holiday. Each trip is a wonderful combination of quality, comfort and freedom that turn your holiday into the vacation of a lifetime.


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The Man in the Front Seat


Catherine Palace & Gardens | Pushkin | Russia

When visiting Russia, spectacular palaces seem to adorn almost every village, town, and city. On all my trips to Russia, the most impressive palace would have to be Catherine Palace in Pushkin just outside St. Petersburg.

catherine palace | pushkin | tsarskoye selo | russia | the man n the front seat | bwd vacations

Machu Picchu, Peru | UNESCO World Heritage Site

I have been fortunate to travel to many incredible places, both for work and on vacation. Undoubtedly, one of the most impressive sites I have seen was Machu Picchu. This stunning Inca citadel stands at over 2400 m (7900 ft) above sea level, in the middle of a tropical forest, in one of the most spectacular settings imaginable.

machu picchu | peru | cuzco | andes | inca trail | bwd vacations

Galicia | Spain | Albariño wine, octopus & incredible scenery

Whether you are looking to stay for only a few nights or several weeks Galicia, Galicia has everything you could ever need or could want. A great selection of hotels and guest houses, incredible food and wine in nearly all restaurants, cafés and bars, and astonishing scenery combine to create the ideal holiday destination.

galicia | ribeira sacra | spain | tours | travel | your journey begins | bwd vacations

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